For some students, there's a tremendous push toward college following high school graduation.

Students tend to apply to colleges that best fit the student academically; distance from home and cost are often some of the other factors students and their families consider, but there's a somewhat "hidden" factor we often leave off our list of important items.

The most dangerous campuses in the United States

Sending our kids "into the real world" is an exciting and daunting prospect for our children as we guide them into the next phase of life. Before you open that acceptance letter, be sure you're looking at all aspects of life on campus.

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College: Considering the Safety Factor


When looking at schools, one more thing to consider: campus safety. A recent report of the nations campuses exposed what some might consider an important shortcoming.

The most dangerous campuses in the United States

The website has compiled a list of the 27 most dangerous campuses in the United States. Sadly, one university in Arizona is in the top 20.

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The Arizona College Campus Among Most Dangerous in the United States

The Clery Act requires colleges to self-report safety issues that occur on their campus. The reported issues cover a range of data, including assault, vehicle theft, burglary, robbery, and other issues.

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The most dangerous campuses in the United States
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College campuses across the United States work hard to ensure the safety of their students, and colleges in Arizona are no exception.

One of Arizona's major universities made this year's list of the 27 Most Dangerous Colleges in the Nation. This campus reported 87 violent crimes over a three-year period.

The University of Arizona was ranked twentieth out of 27 nationwide campuses the study examined. It was the only Arizona college to make the list.

The most dangerous campuses in the United States

The best way to compare campus security is to do your own research using the Campus Safety and Security tool.

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