Arizona was a late entry to the Union, beginning as part of the wild, wild west. Arizona Territory was a rough place to live a hundred or so years ago.


We're pretty tough out here and proud of the roots that make us strong. Arizona officially became a state in 1912, but it seems that other states and companies have been throwing our name around for some time.

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Here are some things that are called "Arizona", but actually have nothing to do with Arizona at all.

1. Arizona Iced Tea

Arizona Iced Tea has been around since 1992. With saguaro cactus and desert scenery all over the cans, it would seem like a no-brainer that the popular beverage originated here in Arizona and was manufactured here.

You've seen the cans - pretty pictures that look like Arizona. But they're not at all FROM Arizona. Canva

But that's not the case. Can you believe Arizona Iced Tea has absolutely nothing to do with our state? The super popular beverages were in fact, founded in Brooklyn, New York.

("New York City!? Get a rope...")

These days, Arizona Iced Tea is made in many locations across the United States and Canada. The company has bottling plants in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California, and Ontario, but NOT in Arizona.

So, it seems this is an "Arizona" product in name only.

2. Tombstone Pizza

The Town Too Tough to Die seems like a great inspiration Well, it could happen.

Another familiar product named after a piece of Arizona actually has NOTHING whatsoever to do with Arizona or the famous town, is Tombstone Pizza.

Tombstone Pizza was born in the West. The MID-West!! Canva

Tombstone Pizza, as you probably know, is a brand of frozen pizza. The product originated in Medford, Wisconsin, back in 1962.

While it seems like the 1960s cowboy craze could have inspired the name, it was in fact named after The Tombstone Tavern. The website says, "Tombstone Pizza is Straight Outta the West...The Midwest."

The pizza has nothing at all to do with Arizona or the wild west. The pizza was born in Medford, Wisconsin, and named after a bar owned by founders Pep and Ron Simek, which was located across from a cemetery - and that inspired their name.

Tombstone Pizza is now owned by Nestlé Foods, but it's still made in Wisconsin - in Little Chute and Medford.

3. Arizona Dreaming Seasoning

Indeed a spice named after Arizona must have originated here, right?

Penzey's Spices is a cornucopia for the senses. If you've never visited one of these shops in either Tucson or Phoenix, it's worth the trip.

Penzey's has a whole spice named after Arizona, but it wasn't even born here! Canva

Penzeys specializes in high-quality herbs and spices from around the world, and they've been inspiring chefs and cooks for years.

A spice called "Arizona Dreaming" MUST have been created here, but even that is not from Arizona.

Arizona Dreaming is described as, "a blend of spices that captures the flavors of South of the Border cuisine, such as ancho chili pepper, onion, garlic, paprika, cumin, cilantro, lemon peel, chipotle pepper, jalapeño, cocoa, and natural smoke flavoring."

It sounds like a pretty accurate description of Arizona cuisine. Although it wasn't created here, it was inspired by the diverse and delicious food culture of our beautiful - and apparently delicious - state!

The Tombstone Stage. ACTUALLY exists in Arizona! -Credit // Val Davidson/TSM
The Tombstone Stage. ACTUALLY exists in Arizona! Credit // Val Davidson/TSM

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