If you haven't yet seen the shiny, new photos sent back from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, are you even ON social media? The stunning images are everywhere - but that wasn't enough for Benson natives Kathryn Lara and her son, James.

Kathryn Lara, Social Media Manager for the City of Benson Visitor's Center and her son James had to see for themselves. What better way to learn about space than at our very own Patterson Observatory at the University of Arizona, Sierra Vista? The pair made the early morning trek down from Benson to Sierra Vista to get the full scoop on these spectacular images, and they weren't disappointed.

According to LiveScience.com, the telescope's "first targets include Stephan's Quintent,  a group of five tightly-bound galaxies...290 million light-years away in the Pegasus constellation."

The images are beautiful, sharp, and impressive, but only time will reveal the implications for future scientific discovery. In the near future, scientists are hoping to learn more about dark matter, the creation of new stars and galaxies, and much more.

We'll let NASA scientists tease us with discoveries about distant galaxies, but if you've ever wanted to learn more about space right here in Cochise County, follow Kathy and James' example. Make your way to Patterson Observatory for the Huachuca Astronomy Club's (HAC) family nights. Typically held on the first Thursday of the month during the new moon, these gatherings feature members of the HAC who set up personal telescopes and share invaluable knowledge about the night sky. Pro Tip: Be sure to sign up ahead of time through their website since these events fill up fast and are weather dependent.

"This is a MAJOR deal," Kathy remarked on her Facebook page. "This pale magnificent blue marble we live on is about to witness this incredible view beyond our imagination!"


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