Pointing out that the political climate in this country is charged right now is quite an understatement. With social media ramping up opinions and anti-whatever sentiment, the citizens of Arizona and the United States have a lot of opinions.

Defacing political signs is a misdemeanor in Arizona
There are a LOT of opinions in this politically charged climate. // Canva

You're free to express your opinion in America, but that freedom is not unlimited, and it can have consequences. Political candidates and organizations who support various bills and measures spend money on campaign signs that are distributed across the state.

You might see a sign in your neighbor's yard declaring their choice for president or signs suggesting ways to vote on certain ballot measures on a cross street in town.

Defacing political signs is a misdemeanor in Arizona
Don't take your anger out on political signs, even if you disagree. // Canva

The way things are these days, you might agree with the sentiment and move on. Or you might feel a simmering anger or a burning rage. If you do, take some deep breaths or call your therapist. Whatever you do, don't take your ire out on the political signs. If you do, you might find yourself in some legal hot water.

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Tampering With Election Signs in Arizona is Illegal

According to Arizona Revised Statute 16-1019Defacing, removing, altering, or covering a political sign of any candidate or ballot measure is a class 2 misdemeanor in the state of Arizona. 

Defacing political signs is a misdemeanor in Arizona
Defacing political signs and literature is a misdemeanor in Arizona. // Canva

It's also illegal to alter or deface political mailers, handouts, flyers, and other printed materials from a candidate or ballot measure. These rules go into effect 45 days before a primary election and end fifteen days after a general election.

What you do with those signs after this period is a different matter. During this time, no matter how you feel about the candidate, party, ballot measure, or other political item expressed on signage across Arizona, the law says you have to leave them alone.

Defacing political signs is a misdemeanor in Arizona
Remember what you kindergarten teacher said: if it doesn't belong to you, leave it alone. // Canva

The law has a few more subtleties and caveats, but essentially, follow the advice we learned in kindergarten: if it doesn't belong to you, leave it alone.

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