Scammers are always looking for ways to get into your wallet. Stay up to date on scams. The Sierra Vista Police Department put out this Press Release:

Sierra Vista, AZ.  03/31/23. Several local residents have contacted the Sierra Vista Police Department today, reporting a phone scammer claiming to be an SVPD sergeant in an attempt to scare victims into sharing personal information or making a payment due to an outstanding warrant.

Phone scammers often post as local law enforcement officers and even spoof phone numbers to make it appear that a call is coming from that agency. In this case, the scammer has been reported as posing as an SVPD sergeant named Mitchel and has also referred to a current lieutenant with the department on one of the calls. Residents are reminded to hang up and call the agency directly or the non-emergency dispatch line if they suspect they are being targeted by a scam call.

In this case, it was reported that the scammer spoofed an official phone number and then provided a different phone number over the phone. When a call was placed to the phone number they provided, a voicemail had been set up posing as the Sierra Vista Police Department.

If you receive a suspicious call, never provide payment or personal information. Law enforcement officers do not request payment for outstanding warrants over the phone or call to ask for personal information like social security numbers.

To report a possible scam call, contact the Southeastern Arizona Communications (SEACOM) non-emergency dispatch line at (520) 803-3551.

Patch photo curtesy of the City Of Sierra Vista Canva
Patch photo curtesy of the City Of Sierra Vista

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