I remember the pressure and haze of being a new parent. Adjusting to the new lifestyle of having a baby and being sleep-deprived can put parents in a rough state of mind.

A few simple steps can help keep our little loved ones safe in Arizona's blazing heat.

Keep your child safe in the summer heat
The interior of a vehicle can heat up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit in Arizona heat. // Canva

How Fast Can a Car Interior Heat Up in Arizona?

As the mercury soars in Arizona, the risk of hot car deaths among children tragically rises. Every year, forty children under three years old succumb to heatstroke in a vehicle.

Keep your child safe in the summer heat
Leave a stuffed animal in the baby's car seat, then move it to the front seat when you get in. This will remind you to get the baby out of the car. // Canva

Arizona State University conducted a study that found that, depending on circumstances, the interior of a car can climb as high as 160°F in as little as an hour.

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The study evaluated what would happen to a small child in a hot car. Believe it or not, the interior temperature of a vehicle can rise quickly, even in temperatures as low as 60°F outside, and life-threatening heat sickness can happen fast.

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Keep your child safe in the summer heat
Put your cell phone in the back seat so you see the baby when you have to get your cell phone from the back. // Canva

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Protecting Children from the Arizona Heat

Every year, an average of 40 Arizona children succumb to heatstroke in a vehicle. Here are some tips to help prevent this heartbreaking tragedy:

  1. Visual Cues: Keep a stuffed animal in the car seat. As you place your child in the car seat, move the toy to the front passenger seat as a reminder.
  2. Personal Item Swap: We never leave our cars without our personal devices. When you get in your car, put your phone, purse, work badge and any other personal items in the back seat. That way, you'll check the back seat every time you park.
  3. Childcare Communication: Talk with your childcare providers. If your child doesn't arrive as scheduled, have them contact you.
  4. Prevent Kids from Playing in a Vehicle: Always lock your vehicle, even at home, and keep keys out of children’s reach to prevent them from getting into the car without your knowledge. Children can become trapped in a car without a parent's knowledge.
  5. Use a Child Safety Monitor: Companies like Baby Alert make a variety of child safety seat monitors that alert parents if a child is left in a car seat. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a full list of options.
Keep your child safe in the summer heat
Putting personal items like your purse or wallet in the backseat of your car can help remind you to take your sleeping baby into a store. // Canva

Remember, these simple steps can make a significant difference. Stay vigilant and keep our children safe from the unforgiving Arizona heat.

For more information on preventing hot car deaths, visit NHTSA.

Keep your child safe in the summer heat
Be sure to lock your car and put keys where small hands can't reach them so children don't accidentally get trapped while playing in a hot car. // Canva

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