Samaire Armstrong, perhaps remembered for her semi-recurring character Anna Stern on The O.C. between 2003 and 2006, is running for mayor of Sedona, Ariz.

The actress announced her bid for mayor in March 2022 via the Instagram account @samaireformayor.

"The time is now. We need change in order to Save Sedona," the caption of her announcement read.

According to several posts and videos on the account, Armstrong is running on the basis of stopping "any further urbanization" of Sedona.

"Don’t dry up our delicate land by masking our Earths ability to [breathe]," she wrote in a post published Oct. 11.

Her bio also claims Armstrong supports "residents & local businesses" and wants to "protect our sacred land."

Armstrong grew up in Sedona and attended high school there before making her TV debut as Meredith in a guest appearance on '90s teen drama Party of Five.

In recent years, she's made headlines for her public support of Donald Trump for president in 2016 and 2020, as well as her anti-mask and anti-BLM views.

In 2020, Armstrong came under fire for calling Black Lives Matter a "one billion dollar domestic terrorist organization."

"BLM has taken us by our heart, has manipulated our mind and contorted our values," she said on Instagram at the time.

She also claimed that the BLM organization was a "fascist far-left mob" and that there was a "war on democracy."

On Oct. 15, 2021, Armstrong posted a photo of herself wearing a mask that read "This is tyranny," next to a man wearing one with the message, "As useless as Joe Biden."

"It’s nice to spot your people when you’re flying and required to wear the arbitrary 'for your health' sheet," she wrote in the caption of her photo.

At the time, she wrote she was filming somewhere she could "freely, authentically be me without fear of the 'woke police' sniffing me out."

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