As much as I appreciate the warmer weather, in Arizona, the increased heat brings more than just sunburn and sweat when spending time outside.

While Arizona isn't as well-known for mosquitoes as Michigan or Florida, for example, where the mosquito is jokingly known as the state bird, Arizona has its fair share of these disease-spreading insects.

Government agencies have noticed an uptick in the spread of deadly illnesses, but they say an ounce of prevention can help you and your family stay safe this summer.

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Monsoon Rain Brings Mosquito Bloom to Arizona

The rain in Arizona changes everything. On a positive note, the monsoon rains lower the scorching heat and add humidity to the dry air. On the flip side, forgotten objects in our yard can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Preventing the spread of disease by mosquitoes in Arizona
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Mosquitoes are not just annoying; they carry deadly diseases, and this year, there's even more cause for concern. A deadly disease is increasing worldwide, and the effects are being felt in Arizona.

CDC: Mosquitoes are Spreading Diseases Across the State

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is warning that the risk of dengue fever in the United States is increasing.

While it's not currently a widespread threat in Arizona, locally transmitted cases of dengue fever from mosquitoes have occurred in the past two years. The CDC and other agencies are spreading the word in an effort to keep this disease from spreading.

Preventing the spread of disease by mosquitoes in Arizona

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The mosquito species responsible for dengue transmission is Aedes aegypti, which is present in many cities and towns in Arizona.

Although the risk is relatively low in Arizona, recent weather patterns brought about by El Niño have increased temperatures and caused a spike in mosquito populations, leading to an increase in mosquito-borne illnesses across the state.

The best medicine is prevention. To reduce the possibility of being bitten by mosquitoes, wear protective clothing, especially when mosquitoes are most active in the early morning and evening.

Preventing the spread of disease by mosquitoes in Arizona

Use a mosquito repellent that contains DEET to avoid being bitten, and remove places where mosquitoes can breed, like potted plants, pet bowls, and other locations where standing water can accumulate.

If we work together, we can stop the spread of this and other deadly mosquito-borne illnesses.

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