The way government tracks jobs in the United States has changed. With workers taking on two or even three jobs just to make ends meet, it's hard to get anyone to analyze the real numbers when it comes to employment in Arizona.

Job loss could devastate families in Arizona
How many jobs will leave Arizona? // Canva

But when companies begin to announce massive layoffs across Arizona, it's hard to ignore the devastation the volatile economy is wreaking on families this year.

“It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose your own.”
― Harry S. Truman

Employers Across Arizona Are Announcing Massive Layoffs

As the economy continues to contract and inflation tightens its grip, employers are planning mass layoffs around the state of Arizona. Even jobs once considered safe are not immune from cuts.

Layoffs in Arizona could cause economic chaos with worker across the state.
Will your family be affected? // Canva

According to WarnTracker, here are some employers planning job cuts around the state of Arizona:

  • LECLERC Foods plans 93 job cuts
  • Transdev Services is looking at releasing 829 workers
  • Mobile Health has 93 jobs in the chopping block
  • Shaw Industries Group has 250 job cuts planned
  • Bank of the West (BMO) is looking at 112 job cuts
  • Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. is cutting 64 jobs

Announcing the Layoffs for 2023

Labor Laws in the United States require employers who have one hundred or more employees to provide at least 60-days' notice in advance of mass layoffs or planned closures. The businesses above are by no means a definitive list of layoffs coming to the state.

Companies throughout Arizona are laying off workers.
Announcements of layoffs. // Canva

For more detailed information, the Arizona Department of Economic Security has a database where workers can search to learn about planned future job cuts.

More States Announce Job Layoffs

Layoffs and closures are impacting workers across the country.

Arizona is near the middle when it comes to states affected by job losses this year. California is one of the hardest hit locations in the nation when it comes to impending layoffs.

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Big Tech companies, many of which are based in California's Silicon Valley, are being hit as well. Thousands of workers in California were handed pink slips in August. More workers could be facing announcements of impending job losses as we move closer to the holidays.

Families are already feeling the impact of unemployment and higher prices
Families are worried. // Canva

California began to outpace Florida, as an increasing number of workers lost jobs this past summer.

Coming up behind California is Colorado, which is currently in second place for most impending job losses. Illinois, Texas, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, and Georgia round out the top states for lost jobs planned through the end of the year.

Even tech sectors across the United States and Arizona are beginning to see more unemployment.

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