Miss Sierra Vista Outstanding Teen

At only 17 years old, no one is expected to have their life figured out, but after talking to KayLyn Gooch for only a few minutes, it’s hard to resist the feeling that this young lady most definitely has her path figured out.

Confidence and Goal Setting

Confidence is not a problem for KayLyn Gooch. Miss Outstanding Teen Sierra Vista is handing her title over to the newly crowned Miss Outstanding Teen, Brittani Richardson after last week’s event.

This is only the beginning for KayLyn. While Miss Sierra Vista Jennifer Westbrook confided she’d been in pageants since the age of 5, KayLyn’s story is almost the complete opposite. She’d been working in the office when Executive Director Mary Hyder mentioned they could really use a few more contestants for the Miss Outstanding Teen category. KayLyn stepped up entering her first contest at the age of 17, but she never expected to win. Afterall, she was competing with veterans in this category. But win she did.

Courtesy Miss Sierra Vista Scholarship Pageant

“Absolutely! Do It”

I asked KayLyn how she felt about the competition, if she would recommend other girls get involved with the contest. KayLyn didn’t hesitate: “Absolutely, do it!”, she said. “The feeling of getting to help in the community is amazing. Also, the scholarship money is worth it!”

No doubt KayLyn will use every penny of the scholarship money for her future dreams. I asked what she planned to study, and again, she didn’t equivocate. “I want to go to ASU and study sports law and sports management. I intend to become a sports agent for professional athletes.” Her aspirations are so specific, I have no doubt she will achieve each one.

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