A bride-to-be on Reddit is contemplating calling off her wedding due to being at odds with her future mother-in-law.

She and her boyfriend, who she's been dating for six years, recently talked about getting married in two to three years.

"My partner is very family-oriented, which is one of the traits that I fell in love with. However, he is also a momma's boy. He believes that since his parents raised him, he should 'pay them back' by respecting them. However, his way of respecting them is by obeying everything that they say and want," the woman began.

She and his parents have met a few times over the years, and they "have made off-handed comments about my physical appearance, my career, and 'how I have changed their son.'"

"When something goes wrong in their son's life, they are quick to blame me as the reason for his downfall even if I had no involvement in that aspect of his life. Since my partner and I are seriously thinking about marriage, we have been meeting up with his parents and my parents more often," she continued.

Recently, her future mother-in-law told her that she "would be sad if I marry her son because she does not think she and I have a close relationship."

"I was in shock by her statement and did not respond back. After that moment of silence, she continued to ask me if I agreed that we did not have the best relationship. I think at this point, the initial shock was disappearing and I started to feel hurt by her words. In response to her question, I said that I don't think we have a close relationship because I often feel attacked by her," she recalled.

As she began to give examples of how she felt attacked, the "conversation became more heated and turned into a full-blown argument."

"The last thing I remember saying to her was that if my partner and I ever broke up, it would be all her fault. Now, she complains to her son about me all the time and refuses to speak to me. Her behavior is causing some strain in my relationship," she concluded.

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Users in the comments pleaded with the woman not to go through with the marriage.

"[You would be the a--hole] to yourself if you marry momma's boy. Just don't. If [your boyfriend] is willing to move across the country and go less contact with them, then maybe. But if he isn't then realize the life you want you will never have," one person wrote.

"Your boyfriend has to decide if he wants to be a husband and adult or if he wants to be a good child. While they’re not necessarily mutually exclusive, sometimes you have to choose. Adulting is hard. Blindly obeying his parents is not respect. True respect allows for disagreement while maintaining a good relationship with all parties. He doesn’t have his parents' respect. Your MIL would be the third party in your marriage with a controlling vote," another wrote.

"Honestly, the fact that they’ve been dating for six years and are just now THINKING about getting married in two to three years is a red flag suggesting that he’s stringing her along, and will ultimately side with his family and not her," someone else suggested.

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