A man on Reddit is calling out his girlfriend when it comes to her hypocritical view on cheating. 

"I have been with my partner for 2 years and she's always been vocal about how much she hates cheating and it's something she could never forgive etc after her ex bf cheated on her. One of my friends cheated on his partner and my gf ranted for a while about how awful he was. Again I agreed that he shouldn't have cheated etc and didn't try to condone his behavior," the man begins his story by saying.

"My gf went out on a night out with 3 of her friends. All of them are in relationships. The next morning my gf was talking about the night and kept talking about how one of her friends kept going up to random guys, dancing with them, having her arms around them and she said it looked like she tried to kiss one of them but they said no. My gf said all of this while joking about the night. I mentioned that her friends a cheat then or at least trying to be and that I feel bad for her bf and that her deserves to know," he continued.

That's when the man's girlfriend disagreed with him and the man asked her if she would like it if he danced with random women on a night out.

"My gf disagreed and said she isn't a cheat since nothing happened so I asked my gf if she would be happy with me dancing with random women on a night out and trying to kiss one of them and she said no but that's different. I just pointed out she's seeming to condone cheating when its her friends or when it's women cheating but if its a man or someone she doesn't know then she is immediately disgusted by cheating," the man shared.

"I pointed out it's double standard/hypocritical of her to say she hates cheats but then brush past her friend trying to cheat on her partner. She said I'm wrong and that I'm out of line for calling her a hypocrite," he concluded before asking if he was wrong to point out her hypocrisy.

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People in the comments section shared their thoughts on the situation.

"Her denial that it was cheating suggests that she was doing the same thing and didn't want to admit it before seeing your response to her friend doing it," one person said.

"She is a hypocrite," read another comment.

"NTA. And a red flag," someone else shared.

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