The last thing anyone wants is another unknown virus wreaking havoc across America again. While the COVID-19 pandemic has finally started to become a distant memory, a new virus has popped up in Arizona that should be taken seriously.

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How Did This Virus Start?

The concerns for a new virus in Arizona were raised after dozens of campers fell ill following a visit to a certain spot. Just outside of Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular camping spots in the state, a clearing in the Havasupai reservation.

The campsite the virus originated from
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Only accessible by boat, hike, or mule, and surrounded by gorgeous flowing waterfalls, this spot is a highly visited camp ground due to its natural beauty and removal from society.

Several campers at the area began experiencing extreme symptoms during and after their trips.

What is This Virus?

As soon as the illnesses began to show themselves, the federal Indian Health Service began treating and researching patients at a clinic on the reservation.

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One notable theory is that a contaminant made it into the water on the reservation. Despite many who contracted the illness filtering their water before drinking and constantly washing their hands, the illness still caught them.

While many of these filters will help keep bacteria and protozoa out of your water, they are much less reliable for protection from viruses. The belief now is that this is a strain of Norovirus, a nasty gastrointestinal illness.

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Spokesmen for the reservation have begun warning residents and tourists to steer clear of drinking from the naturally occurring water sources.

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