It's happened to most of us on a long trip. After hours of monotonous driving, you're beginning to get sleepy. It makes sense to stop for a break or a short nap from time to time.

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When the road starts to get bleary, it might be time to pull over and take a break. Image: Canva

How Often Do We Drive Drowsy?

It turns out, drivers aren't great at admitting they need to stop for a break when they're on a long trip.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, an estimated, "16% to 21% of all police-reported fatal vehicle crashes likely involve drowsy driving."

The urge to press on and get to your intended destination keeps us moving forward. New research finds drivers may, "underestimate their drowsiness, leading them to stay behind the wheel instead of stopping for a much-needed break."

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About 20% of fatalities can be attributed to drowsy driving. Image: Canva

If you're feeling sleepy on your road trip across Arizona, you might be tempted to pull over and take a nap in your car. That brings us to the question: is it illegal to sleep in your vehicle in Arizona? The answer depends on where and when you plan to catch your twenty winks.

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Is it illegal to sleep in your car in Arizona? Image: Canva

Is it Illegal to Sleep in Your Car in Arizona?

The answer is no, as long as you don't camp outside your car or park on private property without permission. You can even rest in your vehicle whenever you want, even if it’s more than 24 hours.

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It's not legal to camp outside your car in some places. Image: Canva

Places You CAN Sleep in Your Car

According to, there are a lot of places you're allowed to sleep in your vehicle in the state of Arizona. Always check the rules, and you may have to ensure you have the permission of the property owner first.

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Make sure you have permission to stop and sleep in your car in some places. Image: Canva

Here's a short list:

  • Walmart
  • Public Rest Stop
  • BLM Land
  • On a Public Street

Always be sure you're in a safe area, well out of the way of traffic.

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Taking a break at a rest stop may be all you need. Image: Canva

The Risks of Sleeping in Your Car

  • You can sleep in your car, van, or RV in a public area like a rest stop or parking lot, as long as you're not camping
  • Temperatures in the desert can reach 100 degrees or more. Plan ahead so you don't get roasted as you wake up. Leave windows cracked, park in the shade, or get up and leave early

So, before you decide to sleep in your car in Arizona, make sure you weigh the pros and cons carefully.

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Don't risk it. Take a break. Image: Canva

You might be better off finding a motel, campground, or rest stop where you can sleep more comfortably and safely. If you're asking the question, it's always better to stop and rest, just to be safe.

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