My Horse Teacher

Horses can teach patience, responsibility, and resilience. If you've never had the opportunity to get up close to a horse, or if it's been a long time since you've been around horses, don't miss this special event.


The volunteers will not only show you around, they'll guide you on things like how to read a horse's mood, safety around a horse, and what it's like to groom a horse.

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Mark your calendar for this upcoming open house at Horse'n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation.

Val Davidson // TSM
Photo by Val Davidson // TSM

What to Expect at Horse'n Around Rescue Open House

According to the Horsen'n Around website, the ranch is:

"...dedicated to rescuing equines, restoring their health and wellness, and providing a nurturing and natural environment where “horses can be horses” so they can be adopted into forever homes."

There will be a donkey kissing booth. / Photo by Val Davidson // TSM
There will be a donkey kissing booth. Photo by Val Davidson // TSM

The Ranch has been holding this annual open house for the public for fourteen years. Their family-friendly event will give you and your children a chance to get up close to a horse. They've got events planned for everyone.

  • View and groom a rescue horse
  • See horse demonstrations with Splash and Maddie
  • Mini Donkey and Horse Kissing Booth and Grooming
  • Crafts for kids
  • First Responders and Big Truck Demonstration
  • Kids' Obstacle Course
  • Hayrides
  • Food Trucks on site
  • Raffles to support the rescue
  • Meet Horse'n Around's newest rescues
  • See the newest filly - 18-month-old Moriyah
  • See the success stories at the ranch
  • Much more!

Mark Your Calendar for the OPEN HOUSE at Horse'n Around Rescue

The open house will take place on Saturday, October 21st. Gates open at 10am and the event continues until 2pm. 


Find Horse'n Around Rescue at 7484 East Highway 92 in Hereford. For more information, contact Theresa at

Val Davidson // TSM
Photo by Val Davidson // TSM

Visit the website: or find them on Facebook at HorsenAroundRescueRanch.This event is free and open to the public.

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