Keeping our health under control in the modern world is becoming increasingly difficult. Food manufacturers always look for cheaper ingredients intended to make food taste good, but their chemical combinations sometimes come at the expense of our health.

A hotly debated food ingredient found in a wide array of beverages sold in Arizona just got removed from the safe list.

FDA bands BVO in beverages

The FDA decided on July 2nd  to ban brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in food and beverages. The ban goes into effect on August 2nd. 

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What is Brominated Vegetable Oil and Why is it Now Banned?

Food safety advocates have been sounding the alarm on safety concerns regarding BVO for decades. There's been a growing mountain of evidence regarding BVO’s potential health risks associated with the substance, and the call is finally being heard.

FDA bands BVO in beverages
The FDA ban on BVO goes into effect in August. // Canva
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BVO, a chemical compound used to stabilize citrus flavors in sodas and other beverages, has been scrutinized since the 1960s.

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The FDA classified the ingredient as generally recognized as safe (GRAS), but BVO has since been restricted due to emerging safety concerns.

FDA bands BVO in beverages
The FDA once considered BVO GRAS, but they've removed it from a the list of safe ingredients because it can lead to health issues. // Canva

Studies have shown that BVO can accumulate in the body, leading to potential toxic effects. In collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), research revealed that BVO can interfere with thyroid function, potentially causing hypothyroidism, weight gain, and depression.

The Latest Country to Ban BVO

BVO has been scrutinized for many years and has been banned in several other countries worldwide, including the European Union, Japan, and Australia. The decision by the FDA is finally aligned with the rest of the world.

Major soda manufacturers have already begun phasing BVO out of their products in response to consumer pressure and health advocates who've long called for a ban on the ingredient.

FDA bands BVO in beverages
Long-time use of BVO can lead to health complications. // Canva

With consumer pressure for healthier ingredients, let's hope this begins a new trend toward better, safer ingredients in all food products.

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