Cochise County is an amazing place. Each town has a distinct personality and flavor, so there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Bisbee is no exception. Filled with colorful people, interesting architecture, and a wild pallet of flavors and textures, people come from around the world for a little slice of Bisbee Life.

Cafe Roka is not closing in Bisbee
A delicious dish at Cafe Roka. // Photo via Cafe Roka Facebook Page. Background: Canva

Bisbee: A Gastronomical Treat

No visit to Bisbee is complete without a visit to one of the delicious local restaurants. If you're looking for something with an international flavor, check out Thuy's Noodle Shop or Contessa's Cantina. While I haven't tried them yet, I hear Taqueria Outlaw is also a fun vibe.

When a waiter at The Quarry told me they make their own condiments, down to catsup and ranch dressing, I was sold. Their burgers are a real treat! Fire-roasted pizza, anyone? Check out Screaming Banshee Pizza for a meal you won't forget.

Fast Food? Not in Bisbee!

There are far too many wonderful restaurants in Bisbee to list them all here. However, I'm fascinated by the notion Bisbee only seems to have one fast food option. Don't look for it in Old Bisbee - it's tucked away on the outskirts of the main part of town, over by the Safeway grocery store, quite a distance from Old Bisbee.

Cafe Roka is not closing in Bisbee
Cafe Roka from Subway Street in Bisbee. // Photo via Cafe Roka Facebook Page

That said, choosing where to eat in B-Town is always a challenge because the locally-owned fare is just so good! For me, it comes down to two things: what I'm in the mood for and what's open when it's time for a meal.

There is one exception to that rule: am I celebrating a special occasion? A special birthday or a special anniversary requires an extra special meal. For the extra-special celebration, there's nowhere quite like Café Roka on Main Street.

Dispelling the Rumors

A few weeks ago, rumors began to swirl on some local social media sites that the beloved eatery was on the brink of closing! The owners of Café Roka posted on their Facebook page, hoping to clarify the rumors.

Cafe Roka is not closing in Bisbee
A delicious meal at Cafe Roka! // Photo via Cafe Roka Facebook Page

According to the post, the owners want to make it clear: Café Roka is OPEN and plans to remain open for the "foreseeable future."

Emphasizing that they have "absolutely no plans to close [the] beautiful restaurant" after 32 years in business, things may change eventually, but no time soon.
Cafe Roka is not closing in Bisbee
The staff of Cafe Roka. // Photo via Cafe Roka Facebook Page

Things may change in the future, they said. The owners stated that they are in the initial stages of listing the property for sale but expect the process to move slowly.

See the full statement from the Café Roka Facebook page here:

All things change eventually, especially in the life of a locally-owned business.

As someone who loves the restaurant, I think I speak for many in Cochise County: we wish the owners and staff of Café Roka all the best, and I hope when the restaurant eventually sells, it will be to someone who understands what a treasure it is to our area.

Here's to hoping the Café Roka vision continues!

Hot Tip: If you plan to dine at Café Roka, make reservations in advance since they fill up fast! (520) 462-5153

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