Arizona is world famous for its snowbirds - even the real snowbirds who overwinter in our state.

It's no wonder Arizona is considered Mecca for hummingbirds, with over a dozen species flitting through our gardens each year. If you're a fan of these petite nectar sippers, you're in luck, because this is a great place to see them.

Many hummingbird species pass through our state. From the tiny, buzzing wings of the Calliope to the flashy brilliance of the Broad-billed, these teeny little birds create a kaleidoscope of color and motion.

Sierra Vista, located in the Southeast corner of the state, is called, the “Hummingbird Capital of the U.S.” Every year, 15 species of hummingbirds take up residence in our canyons, gardens, and on the banks of our rivers.

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The mild climate and diverse habitats, with the mountains and the San Pedro River Valley, create the perfect place for these birds. Ramsey Canyon Preserve in Sierra Vista has one of the largest varieties of hummingbirds in the world.


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