Arizona offers a rich landscape of historic places. Learn about the early settlers and miners, discover past civilizations who lived in the desert, and learn about the desert itself.

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Did you know Arizona is famous for discovering Pluto? Do you know how many species of rattlesnake live in the Sonoran desert? Have you ever visited a ghost town?

With our list, you can do all this and learn about Arizona's rich history. How many have you been to?

15 of the Best Places to Discover History in Arizona

Arizona's rich history is waiting to whisper it secrets. Here are 15 of the best places to uncover Arizona's past.

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson

Silverado, Arizona: An Abandoned Luxury Community

The forgotten town of Silverado, Arizona is a stark reminder that some things will not go as planned.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

Legends + Lore that People of Arizona Still Believe

These are some of the legends and lore that Arizonans still believe to this day:

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

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