Arizona is Fancy Like...

We're mostly fancy like Applebee's here in Arizona. But now and then, a milestone pops up and it calls for a bigger celebration. Zero-year birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. All of these events should be celebrated with a meal that's a little fancier than Applebee's.

Cowboyed up and ready for a wonderful meal. Canva

Arizona's Cowboy Casual is Dressed Up

Don't worry if you don't have a fancy wardrobe. Arizona is known for being cowboy casual, we're not big on the whole suit and tie thing.

You're more like to see a button-up dress shirt with a clean pair of jeans and a nice pair of boots than a tuxedo and tails or a sequin gown. When you're looking for a special experience, these places will make your day just the right amount of fancy and delicious.

Find the best steak in our area. Canva

Yelp! Reviews for the Best Dining Experiences in Southeastern Arizona

With a little help from the reviews on Yelp!, we've collected reviews of local restaurants. If you're looking for multiple courses, wine pairings, or just something different and delicious, check out our list.

Upscale Meets Cowboy Casual at The Steak Out in Sonoita

Sonoita is known as wine country, emphasizing the local vineyards and beautiful scenery. While the options for local fare are growing in the area, the classic symbol of the Old West is a stand-out when it comes to fine dining.

The Steak Out in Sonoita is fine dining and cowboy casual all rolled into one.

Yelp! user Jolinda B. has high praise for the Steak Out:

Steak Out
Via Yelp! User Jolinda B. on The Steak Out Restaurant // Background: Canva

Experience Fine Dining at Café Roka in Old Bisbee

Café Roka has been called, "the culinary heart of old Bisbee". Café Roka features locally sourced ingredients to create unique dishes. Diners have been enjoying memorable meals at Café Roka since 1992.

If you haven't been to Café Roka yet, Yelp! reviewer Patrick M.'s simple yet on-point review says it all.

Cafe Roka
Via Yelp! User Patrick M. on Cafe Roka. // Background: Canva

A Lovely Surprise at the Copper Pig in Warren

A fairly new restaurant in Southeastern Arizona, the Copper Pig has been delighting locals and visitors with each visit. You'll find the Copper Pig off the beaten path, in the Warren area of Bisbee on Arizona Street.

Yelp! user Mary Lynne B. really enjoyed her visit and left this review of the Copper Pig:

Copper Pig
Via Yelp! User Mary Lynne B. on the Copper Pig // Background: Canva

Diners have described this as a hidden gem. Most restaurants in the area cater to the weekend tourist crowd, but the Copper Pig seems to be geared toward locals with their Sunday through Wednesday, 5pm to 8pm dinner schedule.

Pizzeria Mimosa is Much More than Pizza in Hereford

Their website reads, "Pizzeria Mimosa is truly a Neapolitan dining experience, dedicated to serving you the freshest, most authentic Neapolitan Pizza and Italian Cuisine this side of the Mediterranean."

Pizzeria Mimosa is a local favorite in Hereford and Sierra Vista, so it was nice to see Rick M. leave this review on Yelp! when he visited from Las Cruces, New Mexico:

Pizzeria Mimosa
Via Yelp! User Rick M. on Pizzeria Mimosa // Background: Canva

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