Typically after a wedding, it's customary for the bride and groom to send a thank you card to each guest, thanking them for any gift they may have given.

On an online forum, a wedding guest recently called out a "rude" bride and groom for not sending out thank you cards after the event.

"My friend's wedding was four months ago. They went all out — save the date cards, professional invitations, very well catered, exclusive venue, musicians, exotic honeymoon, full works, pre-wedding photography etc. All paid for by the bride's parents," the person wrote via parenting forum Mumsnet.

They noted the "only thing" the couple didn’t do was "send thank you cards for the gifts."

"No email or text either. I think it's really rude of them," they added.

Users in the comments supported the anonymous wedding guest's gripe, suggesting the friends were indeed rude.

"Yes. It's mega rude. But sadly not unusual," one person wrote.

"Yes it's terribly rude not to thank people for gifts. Ideally, they should write as soon as the gift is received (and ideally a good number will be sent before the day itself)," another added.

Another person tried to offer a reasonable explanation as to why the couple possibly hadn't sent out thank you cards yet.

"Generally, especially a wedding like you describe, the bride and groom are waiting for the wedding photos to come back and then send out thank you cards with the photos on them. As far as I remember, you can receive a thank you card up to 12 months after the wedding before it’s considered rude," they explained.

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