She's everything. He's just a football player.

Rumored couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are reportedly playing with the idea of dressing up as Barbie and Ken, respectively, for Halloween this year.

A source told The Daily Mail that Swift and Kelce are already making plans to hang out for Halloween this spooky season.

The alleged insider claims the pop star, sometimes lovingly referred to as "Blondie" by her fans, and NFL champ have even joked about possibly going as the iconic Barbie and Ken from the hit 2023 Barbie movie.

The source told the tabloid that Swift and Kelce are also enjoying the buzz currently surrounding their rumored relationship.

"The whirlwind that this relationship has started is something that Taylor is familiar with, and Travis is OK with. He wants to get in as much time as possible with her before she embarks on her international tour," the source shared.

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The Daily Mail reports the pair might even attend Heidi Klum's iconic annual Halloween party this year.

"Heidi Klum's Halloween party is a very big option for them to attend. They haven't made it 100 percent, but since they have made things official in other ways that they have even started a relationship, they are really feeling it all out and they might want to make that night be the night they go red carpet official," the source said.

Even Klum herself would like Swift and Kelce to attend her annual costume fête.

"I would love to invite them," Klum told The Daily Mail.

"If they would just show up, I'm sure no one at the door will turn them away. Unless the costume is so strong that no one recognizes them, like mine," the former supermodel added.

Swift was spotted at Kelce's latest NFL game when the Chiefs played the New York Jets on Sunday (Oct. 1).

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