Are Halloween decorations at a funeral home tasteless or all in good fun?

Not one but two funeral homes have come under fire for Halloween and spooky displays despite what looms behind their walls. Photos of Clive Hopkinson Funeral Directors in Worksop, Nottinghamshire were posted to Facebook with the question being posed if it was appropriate or not. The decorations included simple spiderwebs and bunting to make it look spooky, not gruesome.

"Just trying to work out if Halloween decorations in a funeral parlour is appropriate or not... I'm saying it's absolutely fine!! Maybe prop one of the bodies up in the window too?" a user wrote.

The owner of the establishment apologized and explained that it was meant to be in good fun with the season.


Another funeral home went further with their Halloween decorations in their windows. Francis Chappell & Sons in South East London's display included bloody handprints, gravestone and a skeleton.  People labeled it quite shocking at how tasteless and tone deaf it was for the people's loved ones who would have final arrangements take place in the building.

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A third funeral home in Hampshire, Staunton Funeral Service, put out their Halloween decorations in August and received instant backlash. However, the space was actually being turned into a children's shop (who actually put up the spooky window display) and the funeral home sign above the storefront had yet to be taken down in a timely manner.

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