Dean McDermott is owning up to the destruction of his and Tori Spelling's marriage.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, McDermott revealed the decision to end his marriage to Spelling came when he was under the influence, and that he "inflicted a lot of damage" onto Spelling during their relationship.

"All Tori's ever done to this day is want me to be happy and healthy and I inflicted a lot of damage and pain on that woman," McDermott admitted, adding that the beginning of their relationship was "a beautiful love story."

"Love at first sight and getting married in the most beautiful way possible," he reminisced.

McDermott blamed the end of their relationship on "Hollywood," "all the s--t people gave us" and having an un-supportive mother-in-law.

However, he also took some blame for the failure of their marriage.

"It's going to be living the rest of my life making amends because I took something that was really beautiful and I just tore it down year after year, day after day," he said.

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McDermott, who announced that he and Spelling were separating back in June, revealed that the relationship hit a boiling point while he was struggling with depression and substance use.

"It made me feel worse because I knew I was a big part of [the problem] and I was at a place where I felt there was nothing I could do about it," McDermott shared.

The actor, who has since gone to rehab, also spoke highly of Spelling.

"Tori as a person is a beautiful, kind and loving soul. She's generous to a fault. She puts everybody before herself, even to the detriment of her physical and mental health," McDermott shared.

Spelling and McDermott share five children: Stella Doreen, 15, Hattie Margaret, 12, Liam Aaron, 16, Finn Davey, 11 and Beau Dean, 6.

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