A man on Reddit says his "crazy" uncle is fuming after a significant amount of money he buried at a cemetery was allegedly stolen.

"My uncle buried [$100,000] at his parents' grave in Connecticut. When he went back to check on it, it had been taken. He is accusing another family member of stealing it but has no real proof or evidence," he wrote.

"This other person also lives in Arizona. He is claiming this person is the only other person who knew about it," the man continued on Reddit.

Now, the man is wondering if his uncle has any grounds for legal action.

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Users in the comments section poked fun at the man's uncle, with many suggesting the money wasn't ever actually buried, but that he lost it another way.

"Next time I lose [$100,000] gambling, this will be the excuse I use," one person wrote.

"Foxwoods [casino] is a well known burial site. I've buried plenty of cash in those little rectangular slots on those green felt tables," another chimed in.

"If it was buried shallow my money's on either a cemetery employee or a landscaper found it by accident," someone else commented.

"I need more info. Did mentioned crazy uncle tell you? Did he tell others? Did he bury it 6 [feet] under, or just under planted flowers?" a fourth user asked, which prompted an answer from the man.

"So I guess I should've said he's accusing another family member. I guess this was the only person he told about it (not sure if that's true). And I think it was just under flowers, not deep at all," the original poster revealed.

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