What Happened to the Sierra Vista Burger King?

I lurk in the shadows of a local online Facebook group. One of those forums where the citizenry of Cochise County gathers to ponder locally relevant STUFF.

The Chitty Chatty Groups ask important questions. Like these, for example:

  • Will the girl and the guy who drives a black truck ever find romance?
  • Why are gas prices so high at [Big Fuel Gas Station]?
  • Who do I yell at about something that really makes me mad?
  • I need the name of someone who is highly recommended, does amazing work, and will give me what I need. As close to free as possible, please.
  • And the latest "What happened to Burger King?????"

So, What DID Happen to Burger King in Sierra Vista?

I am amused at the way the same question is asked repeatedly in this forum. After about 6 or 7 different variations, the answers become increasingly sarcastic. I can almost hear forum members rolling their eyes as they type the answers.

From what I could find, here is the non-sarcastic-non-eye-rolling (mostly) bottom-line answer.


A User Solves the Mystery

A user named Kathy, who was presumably employed by Sierra Vista's Burger King posted in the forum on August 17th:

Hello, Sierra Vista I would like to inform you that the Burger King on Highway 90 is closed until further notice. Due to the severe storm we had yesterday it has done some damage. Thank you

Did this shut down the conversation and the questions?

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Well. No.

The questions kept coming. The official Facebook page for the local Burger King restaurant just says, "Temporarily Closed" in their About info. The connected website doesn't offer much information. So this doesn't answer our subsequent questions.


The Conversation Takes a Turn

The chit-chat continued. Eventually, jokes were made at the expense of the staff, while other users rushed to their defense. One user, under the moniker of ANONYMOUS, posted this admonishment. I'm editing for, ahem, content.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the food...[t]he Burger King staff are Individuals/family’s that have bills to pay and kids to feed. IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING NICE OR SUPPORTIVE TO SAY THEN DONT WASTE YOUR TIME SAYING ANYTHING AT ALL.

The passion here is understandable. Of course, this did not shut down the chatter. This is an internet forum, after all.

The Bottom Line: When Will Sierra Vista's Burger King Reopen?

In mid-September, another anonymous user asked,

When will Burger King Reopen?

User Kathy chimed in again, saying,

[E]ventually [Burger King] will reopen. So all the negative comments are unnecessary. Thing's [sic] like this just don't get fixed over night. There are laws and procedures we have to follow.


Kathy makes some solid points. We the Chit Chatters of Sierra Vista should get beyond our bad jokes (and Whopper withdrawals), and wish them all Godspeed in the repairs.

Maybe that bastion of interesting local conversation might understand that in these trying times, you can't ALWAYS Have It Your Way. Sometimes we need a little patience.

Since we can't yet enjoy their burgers, enjoy this Classic Burger King ad from 1974, via user haikarate4 on YouTube.

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