Question: What's something everyone says they hate doing, yet everyone does it? Answer: Shopping at Walmart.

For decades, Walmart has been the place to get everything you need all in one place - without blowing your budget.

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They have everything. Garden supplies, groceries, clothing, light bulbs - if you need it for your home, business, or hobby, Walmart carries almost everything you need, at a reasonable price.

Cutting corners and keeping prices low has a downside, and here are some of the things Arizona shoppers hate about shopping at Walmart.

Top 11 Reasons Arizona Hates Shopping at Walmart

If you're an Arizona shopper who hates shopping at Walmart, you’re not alone. Customers are losing patience with some of Walmart's latest strategies, and they're not quiet about the frustration they feel towards the giant retailer.

Here are the Top 11 Reasons Arizona Hates Shopping at Walmart.

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